Notes about Arezzo Wave

di Romina Daniele

written for Insound magazine - September 2006


 “I think music doesn’t need a definition, it is one thing with the research and the consciousness needs”. So I’ve posted into AW guest-book. Me and my work move away from this consideration, expressing an irrepressible need destined to offend the weak souls, otherwise, my vocalism wouldn’t  be as it is.

During AW I experimented the way to transmit this sensation; in other circumstances I have said that due to its nature, I consider the Stratos Award the only Italian contest where I can propose my work. Arezzo is not an ordinary occasion to perform, of course: it is a well-known festival offering a stage for the new bands. AW presents a variety of styles, but to tell the truth,  musicians (not the jury) are closed to the top-ten mentality. 

I heard a sincere applause when, during the interview, Claudio Chianura was talking about the need of the research; It was touchy! People know it is a necessity, and they become aware only when they hear talking about this topic.

When it is tackled. This is the point.  

The stagnant culture is not the people’s fault, it is the promoters’ fault which remain attached to old systems and old styles, not proposing the musicians trying to do something new.

The strength is a clear feature of Arezzo Wave Love Festival: people come from everywhere, and there is a camping, non-stop parties, cinema and cabaret, but above all there is music, of course.

In this panorama ruled by Italian metal-core and electronic pop, what I meant there?

Many people answered to this question when they were coming to the stage area, during the concert and the interview, thinking over my grade of experimentation. And I thought the contest was not totally inadequate, but the audio settings were, indeed, which can be placed in the speech of my music proposal at Arezzo, as well.

The awareness of being and being-in (my music) is a certain thing, an interfering sensation that is withering: the discovery of one’s potential force and the recognizing of the voice to say, in which the music, the research and the awareness are the only one thing.



Romina Daniele July 2006

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