essential autobiography


«I attend a classic dance course from the age of 6 to 13, afterwards I attend to classic guitar lessons and I complete the high school. I get the Diploma in Solfeggio, musical theory and dictation, then I give up the academic guitar lessons to dedicate myself to writing and painting.

I start to study at university Art Criticism and Literature: I’m interested in the criticism criteria and all the mechanisms at the base of the analytic understanding of an art work and our historical and official culture. The studies promoted by the meeting with some professors (writers,  critics   and  essayists),  S  Campailla,

 S. Causa, A. Sainati, are a crucial influence for my thought.

I start my vocal experience proposing my original repertoire. My first goal is to infuse in the “song” form my nature in a project developed by different brains. My influences can be found in the 2nd half of the twentieth-century music culture: from psychedelic to old dark music, blues, rock and progressive.  

Alone, I decide to start a vocal study, first of all academic, to confront my instinctiveness with the current rules; I propose myself as pupil to Auli Kokko: the Swedish singer of the Neapolitan saxophonist and composer Daniele Sepe, since many years into popular-jazz. My experience with Auli has lasted about three years; principally I approached classic jazz, the great voices but also very particular experiences, like Monk and Galas. I mature my poetics, which I try to share with friends and musicians.

During the early years of 2000, I study history and methodology of art, theories and history of cinema, aesthetics; I listen continuously to Demetrio Stratos and Area. On one side I am very interested into the music from jazz that meets rock-music until the born of fusion; on the other side, I understand that my experience has its own course: it is vocal, experimental, strictly personal and soloist.

In 2005 I record Diffrazioni Sonore and I send it to the Stratos Award Jury. Continuing university, I move to Milan where I play with some local bands (principally doing blues and standards repertoires). Then the response from the award jury acknowledges my musical goals I called "difuoriste" (according to the neologism by Demetrio Stratos which means "being outside" – from the ordinary/occasional fruition). So I continue to dedicate myself to my work with intellectual and emotional devotion.

Diffrazioni Sonore is a project developed over the years, starting from about 2000. I did not started making music in Academy or Conservatory, but confronting myself with the worldly modern culture, such as my participation at Arezzo Wave Festival demonstrates. Therefore, the work that led to Diffrazioni has been completely soloist and solitary, not conceivable otherwise. The three hours spent improvising in the recording studio are the final result of three years of passion, solitude, silence.



My first aim today is still going out as a brave voice out of the choir, out of the limbo of this Small Italy.

What they call courage is my vital force, and it is this mental and cultural distortion that disheartens me, from which I flee for creative and intellectual necessity to create. Attributes so far away from any artistic local aestheticisms, which does not see the decisive sense which towers above all my choices is the necessity.»










Romina Daniele,

Milano, 25th February 2006

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